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You won’t find stronger legal representation than Jodi Switalski.

Jodi has been successful from every angle of the law - as a felony prosecutor, as a sitting judge, and now as a winning defense attorney and advocate. She presents groundbreaking strategies and compelling arguments using her education and experience to win over judges and juries alike.

Jodi understands the impact of trauma (PTSD, TBI, traumatic events) and substance abuse (illicit drug use, legal prescriptions resulting in addiction, and steroids) on the brain, decision making, and relationships. By revealing the pivotal moments in her clients' lives and telling their complete stories of mental health, domestic violence, addiction, and other traumatic issues, Jodi has successfully influenced the criminal justice system, winning cases and decreasing consequences where other attorneys would have merely settled. 

Though we can never make any guarantees, her reputation and advocacy are rivaled by few.

"THANK YOU for giving your Compassion, your Time, your Knowledge, your LOVE, and TEARS! You are the real deal!" -Love Connie

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Michigan’s Leading Authority on the Controlled Substance Epidemic

Mitigating Risk. Improving Patient Outcomes. Protecting Your Employees.

Consulting Services For Employers

With new laws surrounding marijuana legalization how will you protect your drug-free workplace? Understand the laws, your rights, and what revisions you need to make to policies and employee assistance programs to reduce liability and mitigate culpability.

Consulting Services For Prescribers

Standard forms and procedures won’t protect you against many opioid related malpractice charges in a court of law. My strategy for prescribing pain management therapies is proven to mitigate Risk and Improve Patient Outcomes.

Speaking Engagements

It’s time to stop talking about the opioid crisis and time to start doing something about it. Compelling stories, startling statistics and real strategies your group can use immediately to help end the greatest drug epidemic this country has ever seen.


The first step to protecting your patients, your employees, or your business is to understand the impact new laws surrounding prescription drugs and the legalization of controlled substances have on them. Make informed decisions about your processes, policies, and programs.

Jodi is Making a Difference!

[Former] Judge Jodi has…become a game-changer for the prescription and illicit drug epidemic. She has more clinical and scientific acumen in opioid pain and addiction medicine than 95% of current practicing physicians. SHE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Daniel A. Schwarz, MD Chief Medical Officer at JAS Genetics, LLC.
(Former Judge) Jodi’s energy and compassion for her cases, and humanity itself, was so admirable. I was certainly inspired by her conviction to make positive changes in the criminal justice system. Leslie Vargas Sr. US Probation Officer (Treatment Specialist)
Any prescribing provider who wants to do the right thing for their patients and their practice in the opioid epidemic would greatly benefit from partnering with Jodi Switalski. Beth Gentner Director of Clinical Services, Fenton Medical Center, Fenton, Michigan
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Switalski Law & Consulting:

Experience is Our Difference

Jodi Switalski of Switalski Law & Consulting , LLC. specializes in presentations on liability and risk mitigation, informed consent/controlled substance agreements, and protocol implementation for medical and dental practices. Her nationally recognized program for safe and responsible administration of controlled substances is used by hundreds of medical & dental professionals across the country. She is now positively impacting workplace protocols as well with workplace education surrounding controlled substances and revision of drug-free workplace policies and employee assistance programs.

Jodi has served as a metro Detroit felony prosecutor with an impeccable trial record before serving as Magistrate in the 45th District Court then being appointed to the bench by the Governor of the State of Michigan.

Recently, Jodi has returned to the courtroom focusing her practice on criminal and family law, risk mitigation services as it relates to workplace and medical/dental consulting surrounding the opioid and controlled substance epidemic. She fluently understands substance abuse, addiction, and dependency and has become a zealous and unique advocate for individuals as they navigate their recovery and seek remedies to legal situations that impede their progress.

For more information on family law, criminal law, opioid consulting, legalized marijuana in the workplace, keynote speaking, and presentations at your medical conference, or informed consent documentation, contact Jodi Switalski.