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5 Years Prosecuting Attorney

Significant trial experience to include capital, other felony, misdemeanor and both juvenile abuse/neglect and delinquency cases.

7 Years Former Judge

Leveraged the power of her judicial seat to make a difference, operating a highly successful sobriety and drug court, as well as founding a regional veteran’s treatment court in Michigan.

Michigan Administrative Law Attorney

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Each state has a bureau of licensing and regulatory board that is responsible for licensing and oversight of hundreds of thousands of individuals who are then regulated by occupational codes or public health codes. These agencies and administrative regulations often include employee assistance programs like the one in Michigan called the Health Professional and Recovery Program (HPRP).

Violations or noncompliance with these administrative regulations or noncompliance with the codes can result in actions, similar to civil actions but with separate remedies, impacting both your licensure and your ability to practice. Representation by an individual not only well versed in the courtroom but who also understands the code and process in the healthcare industry is crucial to regaining your licensure and/or mitigating the consequences of noncompliance negligence. Learn more about Jodi Switalski

Notable Victories

Dr. K: Medical License Reinstated

Dr. K had the unfortunate experience of having his medical license suspended due to circumstances related to the prescribing of controlled substances. Over 6 years, he made numerous attempts, with the assistance of other counsel, to have it reinstated, however, each attempt failed. Then he contacted me. Together we embarked on an educational journey that would assist him in obtaining his reinstated license to practice medicine. Serving as his lawyer in front of the Licensing and Regulatory Board and administrative judge panel, I taught him how to change the way he prescribes controlled substances, how to exceed best practices for prescribing and implement ways to mitigate liabilities in the future while creating better treatment outcomes for his patients.  

After significant preparation for the hearing, Dr. K was fully reinstated with his medical license and shortly after that was rehired in a position with a major hospital! The Board stated in its opinion, “…due to the actions taken by the Respondent [Dr. K], the Board is withdrawing its complaint against the Respondent and suspending further action against his license.” Success through creative, proven measures to achieve successful outcomes not found with other lawyers.  

Let Us Protect Your License to Practice Medicine

Have you been charged with non-compliance negligence? We specialize in defense strategies that dig deeper than circumstantial evidence.

The following are only a small list of some relevant or possible actions we defend against:

  • Impaired conduct
  • Alcohol/Drug related convictions
  • Drug Diversion
  • Improper Prescribing
  • Failure to Justify the Medical Necessity
  • Negligence
  • Failure to Obtain Continuing Education Credits
  • Technical Violation of Public Health Code
  • Substance Use Disorder or other diagnosis
  • Lack of Good Moral Character 
  • And more
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About Jodi Switalski: Top Michigan Administrative Law Attorney

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Jodi is a national speaker on risk mitigation and best practices and has a long educational and professional background in this area.  Administrative actions impact you and your practice almost immediately. 

You don't have time for someone to get up to speed, to understand the law and remedies 

This is where the prosecutor, the judge, the legal scholar, and the advocate in me collide... all to benefit you, the person with legal challenges. I don’t see this as an opportunity to make money off of your misfortune. I see this as an opportunity to help right a wrong; an opportunity to create change an unbalanced system. You won't find in anyone else, this same combination of skills, education and experience.