5 Years Prosecuting Attorney

Significant trial experience to include capital, other felony, misdemeanor and both juvenile abuse/neglect and delinquency cases.

7 Years Former Judge

Leveraged the power of her judicial seat to make a difference, operating a highly successful sobriety and drug court, as well as founding a regional veteran’s treatment court in Michigan.

Michigan Probate Administration Attorney

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After death, a probate attorney handles the opening and administration of the estate. If the deceased was a planner, it’s likely some form of a will, trust, and/or estate plan was created by a Michigan estate planning attorney- making the process of administration straightforward.

However, in the event no plan was put in place or complications such as a complex estate, family dispute, criminal charges, mental health issues, or wrongful death exist, you’ll need an attorney with experience as prosecutor, defender, and judge. 

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About Jodi Switalski:Top Michigan Probate Attorney

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How I am different? I push toward righteousness and true justice even when everyone insists I will fail. I believe in the power of human kindness and mercy especially when faced or presented with the truth. Include objective support, honest articulation and uncompromising advocacy, and positive outcomes result.

I believe that together, attorney and client, we can make a difference in your case and ultimately your life. 

There’s nothing easy about the passing of a family member, especially when there’s conflict. I am here to help you navigate the legal side of closing this chapter. This can include filing a will; petitioning for the appointment of a personal representative; identifying, inventorying, and valuation of the decedent’s property; issuing payments for debts and taxes; collecting money due to the estate; and administering the distribution of property.